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How Does Pre-Wash Foam Work?
Why Use Pre-Wash Foam?
What is Pre-Wash Foam?

How Does Pre-Wash Foam Work?

The foam has the potent cleaning power that makes it adhered to the dirt particles on the surface of the car so that they are lifted off the paintwork.

Why Use Pre-Wash Foam?

One of the main advantages of using a pre-wash foam as opposed to shampoo or a washing detergent for this stage of the car cleaning process. First of all, this substance is designed for softening the dirt on the car, which is not something regular detergent is designed to do.

What is Pre-Wash Foam?

Snow foam, or pre-wash foam, is a car cleaning detergent that is designed to cover a car’s exterior completely. The foam leaves a thick white layer that is similar in appearance to snow on the car’s outer side, which is why it is also called snow foam.

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