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Terms and Conditions

$25 mobile fee will be collected before you checkout.

My mobile fee covers up to 30 miles, any additional miles after will be $1.50 a mile up to 60 miles total. This mobile fee is 100% non refundable on all services.

We will no longer remove or replace car seats in any vehicles, this is a huge liability.

Please remove any and all child seats before your appointment thanks. 


Wash packages


Prices and wash packages are subject to change at the discretion of Passion Auto Care; all such changes will be reflected on the website.

Payment terms


Bookings are charged upon completion of the services requested. Passion Auto Care takes payments via cash or process payment through a valid debit/credit card.

Any Card Declined will lead Passion Auto Care to ask the customer to find a solution for the payment of the service provided. Passion Auto Care will start a collection process 48 hours after getting the customer’s Credit Card refused.

Late Cancellation, Reschedule, No Call- No Show

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment up to 24 Hours one time without losing your $25 deposit.

Bad weather DOES NOT count as a reschedule appointment!

However, inside of 24 hours, your $25 deposit fee is charged to compensate the technician.

These rules apply for any retail price.

NO CALL- NO SHOW, you will lose your deposit.

Satisfaction policy

If a user is not satisfied with a particular job there is a formal way to submit any complaint by completing a form sent by email.

All requests referring to our Satisfaction Policy should be sent within 48 hours following the job date.


Damages and Liability Issues

Passion Auto Care comprised of a network of independent contractors that are fully insured. In unique cases of liability or damage, Passion Auto Care will aid in gathering information and mediating the process to best resolve any liability issues that occurred during servicing. Passion Auto Care as a platform is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Wheather Checks


As far as weather, unfortunately, Passion Auto Care can't control natural elements and for that reason, they do not offer any weather checks. Users should be sure to check the weather, prior to booking.



Appointment time

Due to traffic or exceptional circumstances, detailers may arrive up to 15 minutes late.

You may cancel/reschedule any appointment free of charge if a Passion Auto Care detailer is later than 30 minutes without prior notice.

Passion Auto Care shall do its best to let users know about any delay in delivery.

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